Thursday, August 20

Wow, where has the time gone! I can't believe I haven't posted since May!!
Colby had a check up visit today at the doctor and weighs in at 21lbs!! He is growing so fast. The doctor said he looked great and that I was giving him too much milk, who would have thought you could give a kid too much milk? Anywho, we are going to back off a little and substitute something else.

We went and visited our new babysitter today after the doctor appt. Mrs Pickering will start Monday. She is so nice along with her dear husband who is at home with her. They are an older couple that live close to Chris' work. Deb is having to take care of Mamaw Jo and help Mamaw Betty now. It was just a little too much to be helping/taking care of those three!! Mrs Pickering has two other full time children and two that are only there a few days a week. I think Colby will have a good time!

Well lets see what else... We are going to Disney World in October!! I can't wait! I have started selling Premier Jewelry to help out with some of the bills. I had my training show and 'my' first show was last week. My second show is tomorrow night. It has been good to me so far!! Hope it works out! If you want to have a party call me!!