Saturday, September 19

26 Days and Counting!!

YAY!! We only have 26 more days until we leave for Disney World. I haven't been since I was in the 8th grade and I can't wait to go again! Sometimes I find myself sitting at work day dreaming of what it's going to be like. Chris' family and my mom are going also. I know Colby probably won't remember any of it so it's mostly for us big kids. I have had lots of advice on what to do with the lil' guy and what not to do. Anyways, until then its more planning and saving... Any advice on those who have been on trips with a little one?

On another note, Colby has done GREAT at the new babysitter's!! It has been a blessing and he loves playing with all the other kids. We had a few days that he cried when I left and now he just gets out of the car and walks up to the door! After cutting back on his milk like the pediatrician recommended he is definitely gaining weight and has a HUGE appetite! What am I going to do when he is a teenager?!