Tuesday, June 28

Oh How Time Flies

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted on here. I have to say that I miss it, I just don't stop long enough to post anything. So, I thought I would make an effort and start with a trip I just went on...

My grandparents have always traveled. They traveled a lot before they retired and now they stay gone most of the year. When I was younger they took us (me and my two cousins) places for the summer and during the holidays. I have so many wonderful memories. I love to hear my grandfather share stories of the moments and memories of when I was little. Makes me wish I was still that young!!
This past week we went to Pigeon Forge, TN and stayed in a cabin at the campground where my grandparents have their camper parked. It was my cousin Jennifer, her 3 year old daughter, my mom and her friend Randy .
On their way to TN two weeks ago, my grandfather pulled into a hospital about 40 miles before Pigeon Forge with chest pains. After being transported by ambulance to the Knoxville hospital it was said that he had a heart attack and they placed a stint. He then chose to stay in Pigeon Forge against doctor orders and wait to see his great grandkids come to TN.
We arrived last Wednesday and went straight to Dollywood on Thursday. My grandfather walked around a little and rested a lot! But most importantly (to him) he was able to see his great grandkids enjoy Dollywood. The rest of the trip we went swimming, enjoyed Cade's Cove and walked around Gatlinburg.

At the end of our trip we drove my grandparents home. They left the camper in TN because they will be heading back as soon as my grandfather gets a clear check up!! You can't stop that man.
In the end I have to say... I wouldn't trade anything for the time I had with my grandparents. Glad they are able to enjoy my child and I hope that Colby will remember them and these moments. They have made a huge impression on me. I have been truly blessed! I probably don't see them as much as I could because of how busy my life is. Is the business worth it? I have good intentions of doing better, visiting more, calling more often, but I fail tremendously. This week has shown me how fragile life is. The sweet memories that we made can't be replaced. I need to start making more of them!!

Tuesday, March 30

Easter Egg Hunt

This was our first actual 'Easter Egg Hunt' for Colby. Last year I just couldn't grasp the idea that our church did not have an egg hunt. We always had egg hunts when I was little. It is something I have fond memories of. So, I volunteered to head up an egg hunt!! With lots of GREAT help, we had an Easter Story, egg hunt, cookie decorating, egg decorating, face painting and hot dogs. I volunteered to make 200 sugar cookies from scratch for the cookie decorating. So Friday afternoon after burning up my mixer, my mother in law took the remaining ingredients and mixed it up at her house to help me finish making the sugar cookies and the butter cream icing!! What an experience... But I must say, they were delicious!! We had around 100 people show up to the egg hunt, a great turn out!! A few kinks to work out but I can't wait until next year's egg hunt! Now, just days away from the Easter Bunny stopping by our home!! SO EXCITING!!

Wednesday, March 24

Words of a 22 month old...

This morning after waking Colby up I couldn't stop thinking of all the little words that are so unique to him.
In the mornings I always walk in Colby's room, he wraps his arms around my neck and the first thing he says is 'JUICE'! It's not the same unless you hear it... It doesn't matter what I say from that point on every answer is 'juice'. Throughout the day if it isn't 'juice' it's 'yilk' (milk). When he wants to listen to or watch Veggie Tales it's 'bop bop' because of the opening song to Veggie Tales. And of course there's Elmo also known as 'Welwo'. And the biggest one of all, 'LALA'. For those of you who may not know what a 'LALA' is, it's anything that has wheels. We aren't sure where this one came from but it works for now! And the list goes on. I hope I never forget all these little things!

Tuesday, March 23

Saturday was a great day!! We got to Baton Rouge and stopped by the mall to have lunch. And who would have guessed there would be a Carousel in the food court! Colby started screaming and reaching out his hands for the horses.
Once we left the mall and headed to the convention center, I must say I was a little worried about how things were going to end up. For those of you that may not know, I get a little stressed when Colby doesn't act 'just right' in public!! But... Colby blew me away. He was SO good and LOVED ELMO!! As soon as the show started Colby's face was priceless. I wish everyone could have been there to see it. He kept smiling, squealing and looking back at me like "Is this real? Is that really Elmo right there?". He would close his eyes when they told everyone too, clap his hands and just sat in awe of what was going on on that stage. It was all worth the trip. At the end of the show my mom HAD to get him this Elmo toy. He stared at that toy the whole way home!! And showed everyone that he could when we got home. So glad we had the experience of seeing Elmo Live!! Thanks MOM!!