Tuesday, March 30

Easter Egg Hunt

This was our first actual 'Easter Egg Hunt' for Colby. Last year I just couldn't grasp the idea that our church did not have an egg hunt. We always had egg hunts when I was little. It is something I have fond memories of. So, I volunteered to head up an egg hunt!! With lots of GREAT help, we had an Easter Story, egg hunt, cookie decorating, egg decorating, face painting and hot dogs. I volunteered to make 200 sugar cookies from scratch for the cookie decorating. So Friday afternoon after burning up my mixer, my mother in law took the remaining ingredients and mixed it up at her house to help me finish making the sugar cookies and the butter cream icing!! What an experience... But I must say, they were delicious!! We had around 100 people show up to the egg hunt, a great turn out!! A few kinks to work out but I can't wait until next year's egg hunt! Now, just days away from the Easter Bunny stopping by our home!! SO EXCITING!!

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