Wednesday, March 24

Words of a 22 month old...

This morning after waking Colby up I couldn't stop thinking of all the little words that are so unique to him.
In the mornings I always walk in Colby's room, he wraps his arms around my neck and the first thing he says is 'JUICE'! It's not the same unless you hear it... It doesn't matter what I say from that point on every answer is 'juice'. Throughout the day if it isn't 'juice' it's 'yilk' (milk). When he wants to listen to or watch Veggie Tales it's 'bop bop' because of the opening song to Veggie Tales. And of course there's Elmo also known as 'Welwo'. And the biggest one of all, 'LALA'. For those of you who may not know what a 'LALA' is, it's anything that has wheels. We aren't sure where this one came from but it works for now! And the list goes on. I hope I never forget all these little things!

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Heather said...

Write them down! I've already forgotten things Hannah use to say!