Thursday, January 29

The Show

Our youth group at church has put together a concert. We are advertising for it on the radio, facebook, flyers, posters, etc. They have worked really hard to put this on and just thought I would help spread the word and say how proud I am of them. The speaker will be Big Daddy Keas , whom I hear is a great guy, and we will have two local bands, Shaken and Fovea Tree, who I don't know much about. The tickets are $10.00 advanced purchase and $12.00 at the door. So if you aren't busy on February 28th at 6:00 come out and enjoy the The Show at Mt Zion!!

Tuesday, January 27


So I went to Gatlinburg, TN with some of the youth guys... What a trip!! We left on a Friday afternoon and between Jon driving without using the cruise control and his phone dieing (GPS on his phone was the only directions to the hotel) we arrived at 3:00 am Saturday morning. The guys left to go hiking on Mt LeConte at 7:30. There was one brave girl... Kelly one of the guys girlfriends, decided to take the challenge. She hung in there and did just as well, even better, than some of the guys. Those of us who hung back at the hotel accidentally slept until 10:30. What a waste! So we got up and walked the strip in Gatlinburg. It was so pretty and so cold!! Sunday was eventful! A few problems that the Lord graciously kept me strong through. We ended the night by going to Ober Gatlinburg and it was snowing. If you haven't been it's GREAT!! We rode the tram up the mountain and the guys went ice skating. We wanted to go snow tubing but we got there too late. (We are definitely going back girls!!) Monday morning we left the beautiful mountains and the snow falling. I feel he put me in a very strong leadership position on this trip, which was not my intentions, and it taught me a lot about being who 'I' really am no matter who is around. How important it is to be yourself and to stand for what you believe in. I have a different perspective for other people now and a different perspective on life. My new years resolution was to be more positive. I have learned it is better to think about what you are going to say, is it necessary or just to blow steam, is it uplifting or downgrading to someone, and I have found myself keeping quite a lot more than before. WOW I didn't realize how much my mouth said stuff that I didn't really mean reacting just on emotions... Chris is already tired of me but I am hoping to rub off on him a little bit!! =p

Wednesday, January 14

Happy Birthday!!

This morning started with a full breakfast and many birthday blessings for a wonderful day... Chris turned 26 today, not an easy thing to grasp for him, but something he has no choice but to accept!! I don't quite understand it but maybe its the difference between a man and a woman? or maybe just the difference between me and him... I think of it as another year accomplished!! He says he had an ok day but starting to feel sickly, itchy throat and stuff. We ended the Birth-Day with a bash at church. Everyone brought goodies and we had story time with Mr. Chris!! He replayed his stories from children's church last Sunday with the youth because they had very important lessons... Paying attention when people are talking was one of them. An obvious problem that many youth have!! LOL In the end, Chris is still at the church with the kids, whom he loves hanging out with, having drama practice and Colby and I are hanging out at home waiting...

Colby got to participate before the party started with Uncle Carey!
Please overlook the hair...

Tuesday, January 13


How could I forget!! A new past time of ours is 'muddin'. We go to my sister-in-laws down the road and have a blast. The youth comes, friends of friends, we have made new friends, etc. It all started with 'the deuce'. Chris had taken his jeep, which sadly we just traded, muddin before but the new toys had to be tried out! This is one of the deuces. Not sure why exactly we have these other than just for fun! And boy do they have stories to tell!!

So everyone who wants to ride loads up and hangs on tight! There is now limit to how many people can ride. The first bump always makes more room...

Recently we added some new means of riding... 'The Yota' one of Chris' other toys. He lets me drive it, with no power steering and it's a standard!! So my first time was great. The second time was a little more eventful. I forgot to mention there is a sequence to making the brakes WORK!! Well I got caught in the moment of having fun and forgot that small bit of information and was headed up a hill and unfortunately rolled backwards and hit Curtis. Thankfully he has a super duty bumper!! I had to make a circle and come back to pull him out bc I made him get stuck. I hate there are no pics to share of the incident. We do have video though!!
I promise I didn't break it!!

This is one of Carey's friends driving the white Tacoma, he took it through that huge mud whole!! Other friends come and ride in their jeeps, four wheelers, etc.


This is Curtis' jeep that I ran into!!

I posted this for you Heather!

Monday, January 12


Ok, so I know I haven't posted in a while. It's not because we don't have anything going on or because we aren't busy... it's the exact opposite. Let me see if I can share a few things... Christmas was over and then we celebrated New Year's. Colby made it all night! He didn't sleep because there was too much going on. We played games until 11:30 and then shot fireworks. Colby watched the fireworks but not much expression due to lack of sleep!! A few milestones in the past month...We have lowered Colby's bed because he thought it was funny to hang over the rail, he crawls very fast to keep up with you (exploring all the rooms in the house), and pulling up and standing on anything and everything. He can even walk around the ottomon and coffee table!! All these bring so much excitement to Colby and us. We are getting back to our normal schedule now, we needed badly! And what mother wouldn't want to brag, he cries for me and gets excited when I walk in the room!! Colby turned 8 months old on the 8th!! And I decided yesterday to go to Gatlinburg this weekend with a group of kids from the church. Last minute FUN!! Chris will be staying home with Colby, please keep them in your prayers.

A little too much walking for one day...