Friday, December 26


Z is for 'ZZZzzzz'

After all the Christmas running not only did Colby need a long nap but so did I!! We had so much fun this year. It was great watching Colby 'try' to open his presents and then how excited he got knowing he could tear the paper!! I wouldn't trade it for anything. He got way to much, of course... We celebrated Christmas Eve dinner with Chris' immediate family. We had the traditional Old Timer's bar-b-que and french fries, opened our gifts and headed to the church for Family Communion. Thursday morning we got up and played Santa and opened more presents. I made sausage balls and was ecstatic that they turned out and tasted good!! We ran to lunch at my grandparents and then had dinner with my dads side of the family. Once again, like Thanksgiving, it was great to get to see everyone! Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas!

Sunday, December 21

Y is for the Youth Party

We had our youth group Christmas Party last night. We started out eating!!
(It's what we do best, we can't get together without having food) Then we played Dirty Santa...
A gift card that was wrapped with a WHOLE newspaper!!
She finally got it - And I-Tunes Gift Card
Play-Doh, which I stole and she ended up with Twister.

Gun and Air Freshener??
Twister was a BIG HIT!!
And we LOVE taking pics... A lil' fuzzy but who wouldn't want to see this little man!!

Aunt Erin, Colby and me

Uncle Brian

Alyson, Jessie and us

X is for X-Mas or Christmas

Every year there seems to be something wrong with saying Christmas or spelling it the correct way. Why did somebody change it to begin with... Someone was all of a sudden, out of the blue offended because they were told Merry Christmas? So it's Happy Holidays or X-mas. What do you think? What do you prefer? I think there is no option. It is Merry Christmas and it will always be that way!!

W is for Weather

I am almost finished with the alphabet!! So, what's up with the weather in Mississippi? Yesterday it was warm and so nice outside. Today is another story. We got up and left to go to church and it was FREEZING!! One day it's in the 70's and the very next day in the 50's. Can someone explain this? Colby's nose is running and his eyes are watering. I suctioned the nose and he hates it!! Let's see what this weeks weather will be like for Christmas!

Friday, December 12

V is for Very behind on Christmas shopping

I know Christmas is less than two weeks away, but I still have over half of my Christmas shopping to do. I told myself, I wouldn't wait until the last minute and I would try to by a little bit along the way so it isn't so much at once. Well, now I can't stop thinking about how much I have to get done and how much I don't want to get out and do it!! Only because of all the people out there that are just like me and have waited until now to start. I have become good at shopping online but I just have a problem paying all that money on shipping. I guess I will just have to deal with it and get out there with everybody else and maybe this year I will have learned my lesson. (doubt it seriously)

Wednesday, December 10

U is for an Unforgettable Christmas gift

So, we had a spa day at work!! The doctors and their wives gave us a day of pampering for Christmas. We got to choose three out of four; a pedicure, a manicure, massage and facial. I chose the massage, facial and manicure. It was AWESOME!! We had so much fun. They had Broadstreet deliver our lunch, we started at 10:00 and I think everyone finished up around 4:00. I will never forget this Christmas present!!

Leigh just had her massage

Angie after her massage

Cathy enjoyed a facial

Me, Angie and Wanda

Kirsten, barefoot and pregnant!!

For some reason they wouldn't give Heather a full robe!!

Becky getting her manicure

Leigh hadn't had enough, she went back for a pedicure too!

We had so much fun!! And while all this was going on INSIDE, the beautiful snow was falling OUTSIDE!!! Here are a few pics from the house!! The Lord is BEAUTIFUL in so many ways!!

T is for Tis the Season

Well, Christmas is almost here, hope you are ready. We got our Christmas tree and decorated the house after Thanksgiving lunch. And it has been non-stop since with Secret Pal party, Christmas program at church and then we had our Ladies Celebration Dinner this past Saturday night. We decorated tables, ate good food and heard a wonderful message from Ms Chocolate. Our theme was Splendor of Lights. Ms Chocolate reminded us not to hide or cover our light. She was so excited after moving in a new home and put all her Christmas decorations up, moved the furniture so her tree would be in the front window and walked outside to see 'nothing'. She realized that she had a tint over her windows that doesn't allow you to see in. Don't keep a tint over the light. This is the time for us to shine, when everything else seems so dark.
Mine and Erin's Table
My mom and mother-in-law's table
Jessica's table
Alyson and Chrissy
Regan and Jess
Erin and Jess
Matthew 5:14 "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

Tuesday, December 9

S is for Santa

We took Colby to see Santa Friday and he did GREAT!! I may not be so lucky next year when he knows more of whats going on. Santa informed me that he had a pretty long list this year...

Monday, December 1

R is for Reunions

I seem to get so involved in everyday life, sometimes I don't get to see family as much as I would like or as much as I should. Thanksgiving is always a time of reunion for me. I can't make those little excuses about being busy and everyone else is doing the same things we are. I got to have Thanksgiving at my house for the first time! It was GREAT! I got to see my cousins and their kids that I don't get to see very often and my grandparents. Saturday we got together with my dads family and had red beans and rice, something a little different since everyone had been eating turkey and dressing for the last two days. It was a nice reunion. We don't get together very often and my cousin who lives in Michigan came home and brought his fiance' for us to meet. I haven't seen him in years... It is so fun to visit with everyone, just wish it would last longer. I added some pics from my dads family. I forgot to take pics both places but thanks to email I had a few to post. Still waiting on someone to share the pics from my moms side!!
Auburn and TaylorJennifer and Stone
My dad, Colby Matthew and Stone
My dads siblings!
Uncle Adrian, Aunt Teresa and Dad (Aunt Cathy isn't here she lives in Texas)

Jennifer and Daniel, the engaged!!