Monday, November 24

Q is for Quick

Quick is how my life seems on a daily basis. Everything is done so fast, it is hard to remeber what we did yesterday! Chris decided to offer our house for Thanksgiving this year for my mother's side of the family. For some reason they had decided to go out to eat and I just couldn't handle the idea of not eating real home made Thanksgiving food!! And you can't possible visit with everyone when you are sitting in a restaurant. Well it was on Saturday!! Thursday will be here before we know it and my house is a wreck... So I have been quickly cleaning, throwing away, and going through everything in our house. I must say am sorry to my family for having to deal with my obsessiveness when it comes to cleaning. (Chris and I had this talk just last week...) So now after two days of running around like a mad woman (thanks mom for letting me boss you around), I am down to the basics that I can wait until Wednesday night to do. Once Thursday is over it starts again!! Put the Christmas tree up, get out the decorations, go Christmas shopping, run to all the parties, etc. Does it ever slow down? Thursday I am planning to enjoy my family, take lots of pictures and remember this time we shared! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Wednesday, November 12

P is for President

It's never too early to start campaigning!!

O is for Oh My!

Oh my, what fun we have... We decided to take family pics Sunday afternoon. Colby and I stayed inside until it was our turn. He, of course, was hungry and we knew he wouldn't cooperate on an empty stomach... Once he was bored with the bottle I took him to the door to look outside and the next thing I know he is not only pressing his face against the glass but he has full suction!! Of course it was the highlight of the afternoon and everyone had to get a pic. And a lil' extra info, Colby is on all fours rockin' back and forth, almost crawling.

N is for Nativity

I went to Ladies Night Out last night at First Baptist Florence. It was GREAT!! If you have never been to one, you don't know what you are missing. This is a time of fellowship where ladies decorate tables, have a delicous dinner, get prizes, play fun games and have awesome speakers. We are having ours December 6th. I have decided to use my Willow Tree Nativity for my center piece on my table. I got it for Christmas about two years ago and I absolutely love it!! This will probably be the last Christmas I get to have it out on the coffee table... Next year it will have to be out of reach of lil' hands. I will always cherish this Nativity...

Monday, November 10

M is for Money

Have you ever thought about how important we make money? Sometimes it controls our mood and our choices. It causes fights and makes you cry, it can make you happy but only for a short time. I think for me it controls me daily. If it weren't for money, I could be a stay at home wife/mom, or at least part time! Don't get me wrong, I know we need money and it is part of the way things work, but does it have to be so important and controlling? People seem to make it that way... The love of money really is the root of all evil! 1 Timothy 6:10

Wednesday, November 5

L is for Live, Love and Laugh

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What does it mean to live? To go get up day after day, get dressed, go to work, come home and start all over the next day... Yuck!! To live, to enjoy everyday life, make the best of your day. I wake up and think what does the Lord have in store for me. I want to live my life to the fullest. Love, we all love someone and have someone that loves us. But you know we always hear, do you really know what it means to love someone. I may not know what love really is, but I know that I love my family, friends and my father in heaven. And I am very blessed to feel so loved. Laughing is so healthy!! It is good for your soul. Sometimes laughing makes me cry, sometimes you laugh so hard and long it hurts and sometimes its just what you need. So if we love with all our might, laugh at every chance we get, then we can't help but live the best life we possibly can!!

Monday, November 3

K is for Kaleidoscope

What is a kaleidoscope? A tube-shaped optical instrument that is rotated to produce a succession of symmetrical designs by means of mirrors reflecting the constantly changing patterns made by bits of colored glass at one end of the tube; A constantly changing set of colors; A series of changing phases or events: a kaleidoscope of illusions.
Sometimes I feel like my life is a kaleidoscope, a series of phases or events. Between work, church and family we live a very busy life. When I am just getting used to one phase life starts another, constantly changing. In these phases are series of events. Kaleidoscopes are very pretty so I would like to think my life is very colorful!! I also know the Lord has blessed my life with many friends, a kaleidoscope of friends!! Think about how colorful our lives are and enjoy the kaleidoscope of everyday life!! And if we are a mirror or our life is a reflection, what do other people see... "You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world." Matthew 5:13-14.