Thursday, October 30

Monday, October 27

J is for Jack-O-Lantern

Well we didn't carve a jack-o-lantern, but we decorated one. His name is Frankie. Wednesday night at church we had a costume contest. There were really scary costumes and very original costumes...lil' girl playing in mom's make-up and the poparatzee. Pumpkin carving wasn't as messy as we thought but very creativs. Scary desserts consisted of popcorn hands with candy corn finger nails and cookie fingers. We played Zombie, a halloween version of Marco Polo where the zombie moaned and everyone moaned back and then Monster Mash Dance. The kids had to dance like a monster and when the music went off, freeze in their position. It was hilarious!! Tonight we went Trick or Treating and visited a few of the ladies from the church. This halloween was so much fun! We now are getting ready for the Holy Ghost Weenie Roast. I am very excited but also very tired and ready for this weekend to be over!!

Saturday, October 25

I is for Ice

So, I got to keep my friend Alyson's little girl Jessie for a couple of hours while her and Curtis, her husband, and Chris went to a meeting. She brought her two favorite games, Don't Break the Ice and Memory. It was pretty fun. I had never played Don't Break the Ice before and it was cool! When we got to the end of the game I noticed Jessie putting her hand under the ice. I asked 'What are you doing?' and she informed me she was keeping the ice from falling! LOL How convenient!! Brian, my brother-in-law came over and we played a few games of Memory and Don't Break the Ice too. Even though we had Jessie's favorite games, she had more fun helping take care of Colby. Jessie helped feed Colby his bottle, bathe him, rub lotion on him, put his clothes on, etc. Anything that needed to be done, 'she could do'!! We had a good time and by the end of the night we were sitting in the chair watching and singing Hanna Montana.

Wednesday, October 22

H is for Home Sweet Home

I have to catch up, Heather is so far ahead of me!!

Home? What do you think of if someone asked about your home. Well, for me the first thought would be my house. I used to live in a trailer, some called the Love Shack and now I live in a small, brick house. I always wanted a big house, one I could build and design myself... Now I am thinking a little different. This house that I describe is my home, not just my house.

My safe haven. This is a place where my family lives, sleeps, eats, etc. We feel safe and comfortable here. This is what Colby knows as his home and where he will grow up feeling safe. It doesn't really matter what it looks like or how big it is. When someone walks in, it may not be spotless and perfectly clean (although I try real hard to make it that way constantly) but it's always our home. Our homes describes who we are by how we decorate, what's laying around and even how busy we are! I would hope that when someone enters the door they feel the love that our family shares for each other and for them. Maybe one day I can relax on the cleaning obsession!! Our home is open to friends and family. Some of the youth even consider it their second home. I have a basket full of clothes that have been left after all the mud ridin' expeditions, I am sure they have to be missed!! It's a place to get away from everyday life, a place to relax. Movie nights, small talk, llooonnnnggggg talks, sleep overs, and so much more. Sometimes I forget about all these things...I walk in from work and start that 90 to nothing cleaning spree, thinking I can clean my whole house to my expectations and cook supper and spend time with Colby and Chris...YEAH RIGHT!! It's a vicsous never ending cycle! LOL So my challenge to everyone would be to think about your HOME, not your house, and consider the important things that make it your home...I am going to try more and more everyday to enjoy the time I have in my home while I slow down from going 90 to nothing (previous blog)!!

Tuesday, October 21

Monday, October 20

G is for Going non-stop

Do you ever feel like you are running around in circles, going here and there, doing this and that? It seems to be our life story. I thought it may slow down a little when we had Colby...but he is just pulled right along and we never miss a beat!! This weekend was one of those times. We started off Saturday morning walking for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at Mayes Lake. It was a three mile walk plus the mile we had to walk to and from our car. I carried Colby half way on my back and then moved him to the front because he seemed to be sleepy but after the move he was wide awake and he did so good! He just smiled and flirted with everyone and enjoyed his FIRST WALK!!

We left there, ran an errand and then headed to home to walk atleast another mile in the Fun Run at the church. This time we strolled! It was such a pretty day to have all this going on. The carnival started after the Fun Run and we had so much fun. The youth were in charge of running the games which were face painting, pin the nose on the pumpkin, paint a pumpkin, balloon pop, egg toss, football throw, cake walk, wordless book, bobbing for apples, the dunking booth (where Chris and Matt thoroughly enjoyed being wet and cold) and the jail. After all the fun and games came the Trunk N Treat with lots of candy!! Then to top the night off we had a hay ride. To see all the families that showed up was so exciting and the kids were priceless. Colby got to wear his first Halloween costume! I must say, if there had been a contest he would have been the cutest!!

Sunday after church we had a youth committee meeting that Chris obviously couldn't miss. So we headed off to cousin Bailey's birthday party. It was so nice to visit with everyone. And you should have seen all the pretty baby dolls she got! They are going to have lots of fun!! I got to thinking about Colby's first birthday and I don't want to rush it, but I can't wait!!

We had to then rush back to church for Dinner and a Movie...Swiss Family Robinson. And we had our business meeting and voted in the Pastor Search Committee. An exciting step forward! To end the weekend, I got a call that one of the doctors I work for was riding his bike and was hit head on by a car. He is now in the ICU with ONLY a few broken bones in his right arm and right hand. A lot of pain and soreness of course, but a miracle that he is still here thanks to lots of prayer and our AMAZING Lord who is in control of all things. Now I am sitting here thinking of how fast life goes by, how we live our lives going non-stop, 90 to nothing and never know whats ahead. Does God intend on us to live our lives like this? I think not. I am going to try and slow down a little, enjoy each day one by one and make the most of the time I have with my family before I look back and see what I could have done or should have done...

Thursday, October 16

F is for Friends

Best friends, close friends, distant friends, school friends, work friends, church friends, family friends, old friends, new friends and I could go on and on. Do you ever wonder how friends know just what to say at the right time, or how they are always there when you need them, 'some' are honest with you when you need them to be, and they seem to listen and never get tired of hearing the same thing over and over (thanks Erin and Jess). I guess thats why they are called friends!! They are so important in life and I am so blessed to have a lot of them. There is no way I could make a list of them and not leave someone out. A little tribute to some of my friends starting with Chris - my best friend and life long partner. I love him and couldn't ask for a better guy!! Crystal - A childhood friend who has continued to be a part of my life through hard times and all. Thanks for being such an awesome friend!! Erin - My sister-in-law who has been far more than I could ask for in a sister. We have our times, just as I imagine real sisters would, but we always seem to get through them!!! Thanks for being the sis' I never had. Jess - A friend who I can talk to about anything and she can always relate. She doesn't mind telling me the truth (or anybody else for that matter) and doesn't mind listening to my stories even the second or third time around!! Heather - A work friend who helps me make it through the week or even the day!! She got me started blogging. And of course my parents!! So many more to talk about and all very special. Thanks for making my life what it is!!

Tuesday, October 7

E is for Excitement

EXCITEMENT!! So many things to be excited about. Colby will be five months old tomorrow, time goes so fast. He is blowing bubbles, talking non-stop and has found his feet! He is starting to sit up but can't quite stay up without tipping over after a few seconds!!

Florence Homecoming is this week and the youth are loving it!! Fun and exciting days of dressing silly and decorating floats for the homecoming parade. Chris will be driving the truck for the Sophomore class this year! Two of the girls in our youth group are in the Homecoming court. Go Katie and Regan!! We are excited and can't wait to see them all dressed up Friday night!

The following weekend is the Fall Carnival at our church. All kinds of fun and excitement!!This will include the annual Trunk N Treat, a Fun Run, and lots of good food and games!! Our Trunk N Treat is made up of anyone who wants to decorate their trunks and the kids go around to each car and get candy. The Fun Run is new this year and it will be a walk/run down our road and you get a t-shirt for signing up!! We then have the exciting games like bobbing for apples, face painting, cake walk, etc. All the kids and some 'big kids' will dress in their halloween costumes. If you don't have anything planned, come join us, October 18th starting at 4:00.

Colby will attend his first birthday party the following Sunday. My cousin's little girl Bailey will be 1! Once again it seems time goes by so fast. It's always exciting to celebrate our birthdays and we thank the Lord for giving her a wonderful year and pray for many more!! We can't wait to see them.

And of course there is Halloween. We have plans for our annual Holy Ghost Weenie Roast with our youth group but I can't leak any of the details!! This is always an exciting night!

What about things besides events...So many friends and family are going on mission trips or have just come back from a trip. Getting to hear all the exciting stories makes me wish I could go. Maybe one day I will be able to go like that! I am just glad they are willing to serve!!

A little less exciting...My mother-in-law is going for an MRI Friday for her back. She has had problems in the past and had different procedures to try and cure this pain and numbness that she has in her leg. She has recently been going to physical therapy to try a little bit cheaper route but it isn't doing what the doctor wants! So once she has the MRI we will see what comes next... Please pray for her as she is waiting patiently to see what the outcome will be.