Tuesday, March 23

Saturday was a great day!! We got to Baton Rouge and stopped by the mall to have lunch. And who would have guessed there would be a Carousel in the food court! Colby started screaming and reaching out his hands for the horses.
Once we left the mall and headed to the convention center, I must say I was a little worried about how things were going to end up. For those of you that may not know, I get a little stressed when Colby doesn't act 'just right' in public!! But... Colby blew me away. He was SO good and LOVED ELMO!! As soon as the show started Colby's face was priceless. I wish everyone could have been there to see it. He kept smiling, squealing and looking back at me like "Is this real? Is that really Elmo right there?". He would close his eyes when they told everyone too, clap his hands and just sat in awe of what was going on on that stage. It was all worth the trip. At the end of the show my mom HAD to get him this Elmo toy. He stared at that toy the whole way home!! And showed everyone that he could when we got home. So glad we had the experience of seeing Elmo Live!! Thanks MOM!!

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